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Electricity supply

Dr. Melissa C. Lott and Dr. Julio Friedmann discuss the role of electricity in deep decarbonization efforts, and how zero-carbon oversupplies might be deployed.

China developing

In February 2020, CGEP convened a workshop to discuss the role of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in realizing collective climate action goals. This is a summary of that workshop.

A.J. Goulding, Mugwe Kiragu and David Nour Berro present a methodology to quantify potential permanent reductions in electricity demand triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic.


Columbia Energy Exchange

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Cheryl LaFleur
Former Chairman, FERC & Distinguished Visiting Fellow, CGEP

Host Bill Loveless is joined by Cheryl LaFleur, a former chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and a Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Center on Global Energy Policy, for her take on the California's blackouts and what they mean for California's grid.

Leah Stokes
Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science, University of California, Santa Barbara

Host Bill Loveless talks with Leah about her book “Short Circuiting Policy,” and its look at climate policies in different states.

Ali Zaidi
Deputy Secretary for Energy and Environment, Office of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

Host Jason Bordoff is joined by Ali Zaidi, Chairman of Climate Policy and Finance and Deputy Secretary for Energy and Environment in the Office of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.