Global Energy Dialogue Policy Memorandum

(Re)emerging Threats to Nigeria's Petroleum Sector: Militancy, Mismanagement & Low Oil Prices

By Matthew Page


Not only a victim of the oil price collapse in the last two years, Nigeria's petroleum sector is also grappling with a deepening recession, attacks by Boko Haram and intense political polarization. 

In an effort to better understand the situation in the country, the Center on Global Energy Policy hosted a Global Energy Dialogue on the Niger Delta, under the Chatham House rule, in October 2016. The event brought together more than thirty senior international experts from academia, civil society, government, industry, and the media.

As a result of the dialogue, Matthew Page, an expert on Nigeria who recently left the U.S. State Department, authored a policy memorandum which outlines the current challenges and opportunities for the Nigeria petroleum sector. The memorandum concludes by offering recommendations to both public and private actors as a first step to resolving some of the issues which have plagued the sector.