Columbia University's Center on Global Energy Policy is Where the World Connects for Energy Policy. 

CGEP’s mission is to enable public and private sector leaders to make more informed choices about the world’s most pressing energy issues by providing an independent and interdisciplinary platform for insights and data-driven analysis, convening and information-sharing, education and training, and actionable recommendations on the current and future global energy system.

We accomplish this using the following key strategies:

  • Produce best-in-class research rooted in academic work, but delivered in formats and on timeframes that are accessible and useful to those outside academia.
  • Provide a global platform to communicate the insights from that research across traditional and new media, public events, and private roundtables, leveraging Columbia’s exceptional faculty and global reach.
  • Train tomorrow’s leaders and communicators by teaching students how to do and apply research, training journalists and others on the key factors influencing the global energy system, and providing opportunities and mentorship to the next generation of energy policy and market leaders.

Based at one of the world’s great research universities, the Center combines academic research with the experience of senior energy experts from government, academia, industry and non- governmental organizations. The result is robust, accessible and actionable analysis, which the Center disseminates through public forums, research, roundtable discussions, conferences and the media. In addition to its ability to harness the world-class faculty of Columbia across many disciplines, the Center utilizes the University’s global reach through its physical centers in key energy countries including Brazil, Turkey, India and China.