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Hydrogen: Explorando nuevas opciones

Por el El Tiempo, Mauricio Cárdenas Santamaría explique cómo el gobierno y sector privado deberían evaluar las posibilidades reales de la producción de amoníaco.

In a new report, the Carbon Management Research Initiative, puts forward a levelized cost of carbon abatement, LCCA, an improved methodology for comparing technologies and policies based on the cost of carbon abatement.

Dr. Julio Friedmann, Alex Zapantis, Brad Page, Chris Consoli, Zhiyuan Fan, Ian Havercroft, Harry Liu, Emeka Richard Ochu, Nabeela Raji, Dominic Rassool, Hadia Sheerazi and Alex Townsend

A new report recommends the deployment of carbon removal technologies and climate policies needed to curb climate catastrophe.



Columbia Energy Exchange

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Amy Harder & Steve Mufson
Journalists, Axios & The Washington Post

The attack on the U.S. Capitol may have obscured for the moment the traditional transfer of power that will take place with the inauguration of Joe Biden as president. But even amid the ongoing turmoil in Washington, efforts to set agendas in the...

Roger Duncan and Michael E. Webber
Authors, “The Future of Buildings, Transportation and Power”

Host Bill Loveless talks to Roger Duncan and Michael E. Webber, the authors of a new book that explores how automation, artificial intelligence and other groundbreaking technologies will change the buildings we occupy, the vehicles we travel in and the electric grid that we rely on to power it all.

Damilola Ogunbiyi
CEO and Special Representative, UN Secretary-General for Sustainable Energy for All

Host Jason Bordoff is joined by Damilola Ogunbiyi to discuss meeting the ambitious goal of attaining universal access to sustainable and modern energy.