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Q&A | Understanding the Impact of Sanctions on the Russian Oil and Gas Sector with Limited Data

In this Q&A, Tatiana Mitrova, a global research scholar with the Center on Global Energy Policy, answers questions about the current state of the Russian oil and gas industry and the impact of sanctions on it.

Q&A | Why Under-the-Radar Russian LNG Exports Matter

In this Q&A, Anne-Sophie Corbeau, global research scholar with the Center on Global Energy Policy (CGEP) and Diego Rivera Rivota, research associate with CGEP, answer questions about the importance of Russia’s LNG trade flows and recent developments impacting them.

Q&A | Decoding OPEC+’s lower production increase for September

In this Q&A, senior research scholar Dr. Kaushik Deb and adjunct research scholar Abhiram Rajendran discuss questions the announcement raises regarding spare production capacity among OPEC+ members and the possibility of demand falling amid macroeconomic headwind.


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Dr. Daniel Yergin
Vice Chairman, S&P Global

Winter is coming. The energy crisis that is afflicting Europe and other parts of the world is worsening as Russia weaponizes natural gas.

After Putin turned off supply...

Anne-Sophie Corbeau and Dr. Tatiana Mitrova

Europe’s gas crisis has entered a scary new phase. Last week, the biggest pipeline carrying Russian gas into Germany was closed for maintenance. And many in Europe fear the Russians will keep Nord Stream 1 closed...

Kadri Simson

Despite some setbacks, Europe is considering a ban on Russian oil, a major step toward energy independence from Russia. Meanwhile, Russia’s demand that buyers pay for its natural gas in rubles has put European...