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Updated June 6, 2024

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Energy Systems Modeling

Building state-of-the-art analytics tools to guide policy decisions

The Energy Systems Modeling and Analytics (ESMA) Platform is building data-driven investment decision and engineering analytics tools. 

These tools provide the evidence base to cut the ambition-reality gap from policy pledges and work toward an energy transition to actual robust engineering and investment-grade decision analytics. 

The ESMA Platform conducts data-rich mathematical modeling research to inform CGEP research initiatives and programs, government, investors, utilities, and stakeholders. The research informs decision-making on future pathways and scenarios of the US and global energy system.


The ESMA team ensures world-class institutional knowledge is stored in CGEP models. Earth observation specialists gather energy and environment data, data engineers and scientists build data pipelines, and communications data visualization experts craft participatory engagement with stakeholders. 

The ESMA platform delivers energy system analytics to decision-makers in a timely and participatory manner that best fits their needs.


We aim to correct the gaps and uncertainties in the current generation of techno-economic analytical models and improve the robustness of the future narratives and dialogue of the energy transition.

The ESMA platform will provide research on:

  • The ambition-reality gap in Nationally Determined Contributions 
  • Robust, secure deep decarbonization pathways with endogenous critical mineral, material circularity, and climate change damages and impacts integrated into our modeling frameworks.

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