Today's unprecedented pace of change leaves many people wondering what new technologies are doing to our lives. Are the decisions about our health, security and finances made by computer programs inexplicable and biased? Will these algorithms become so complex that we can no longer control them? Are robots going to take our jobs? Will better health care lead to an aging population which cannot be cared for? Can we provide housing for our ever-growing urban populations? And has our demand for energy driven the Earth's climate to the edge of catastrophe?

Lord John Browne, engineer and former BP CEO, joined Jonathan Elkind, Center on Global Energy Policy Senior Research Scholar, for a discussion of his book Make, Think, Imagine: Engineering the Future of Civilization, which follows Lord Browne as he uncovers the basis for all progress and its consequences, both good and bad. This new release reminds us that technological progress is more essential than ever, but only when coupled with the two instincts that will always set humans apart: our imagination and our values. Lord Browne presents an optimistic look at the benefits that engineering, technology, and innovation can bring to solve some of humanity’s greatest threats such as disease, artificial intelligence, and climate change.

A reception and book signing followed.