During July 2014, a team led by David Sandalow, Inaugural Fellow at Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy, conducted several dozen interviews on Chinese shale gas policies. Individuals interviewed were from central government ministries, provincial government ministries, state-owned enterprises, independent oil and gas companies, oil and gas service companies, law firms, environmental groups, consultancies and universities. The team also surveyed the Chinese and English-language literature on the Chinese shale gas sector. Based on those interviews and that research, the team provides this report as a resource for discussions in the months and years ahead.

Download the full report (PDF-English / PDF-Chinese) | Download the Executive Summary (PDF)

I. Background

II. U.S. Experience

III. Current Policies

IV. Findings

V. Recommendations

VI. Attachment A

VII. Attachment B

VIII. Attachment C

IX. Attachment D

X. Attachment E

XI. Acknowledgements

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