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To Bring Emissions-Slashing Technologies to Market, the United States Needs Targeted Demand-Pull Innovation Policies

Dr. Varun Sivaram, Dr. Matt Bowen, Dr. Noah Kaufman and Doug Rand explore targeted demand-pull measures the Biden administration can immediately use to create early markets for promising clean energy technologies.

USA and China

In a new commentary, Aimee Barnes, Dr. Fan Dai, & Angela Luh take a close look at the Biden-Harris presidential platform with respect to climate action and China.

Photo of powerlines
Avi Zevin, Sam Walsh, Justin Gundlach and Isabel Carey

Together with the NYU School of Law’s Institute for Policy Integrity, this report explains steps the federal government could take to facilitate the development of a future grid that is capable of supporting a reliable, affordable, and increasingly zero-carbon power sector.


Columbia Energy Exchange

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Christy Goldfuss
Senior Vice President for Energy and Environment Policy, Center for American Progress

Host Jason Bordoff is joined by Christy Goldfuss, co-chair of the Climate 21 Project, Senior Vice President for Energy and Environment Policy at the Center for American Progress, and former managing director of the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) during the Obama administration. 

Roger Duncan and Michael E. Webber
Authors, “The Future of Buildings, Transportation and Power”

Host Bill Loveless talks to Roger Duncan and Michael E. Webber, the authors of a new book that explores how automation, artificial intelligence and other groundbreaking technologies will change the buildings we occupy, the vehicles we travel in and the electric grid that we rely on to power it all.

Richard Trumka and Ernest Moniz

Building a low-carbon future will bring significant change to the U.S. economy, especially to employment as alternative forms of energy increasingly take hold. And to go smoothly, that transition will require sound public policy and public...