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The Role of LNG in the US Gas Market | Q&A with Erin Blanton and Katherine West
Erin M. Blanton and Katherine West

In this piece, the Center on Global Energy Policy’s Erin Blanton and Katherine West discuss why global LNG prices will have an impact on US markets this winter.

Methane Emission Controls: Redesigning EPA Regulations for Greater Efficacy

This commentary examines the potential to reduce emissions of methane from oil and natural gas infrastructure. It begins with a brief history of natural gas regulations and the effectiveness of rulemaking, before exploring unregulated and underregulated sources of methane.

Clean Electricity Grants and Penalties: What ‘CEPP’ Does and How its Design Can Be Improved | Q&A with Dr. Harrison Fell and Dr. James Glynn

Dr. Harrison Fell and Dr. James Glynn answered questions related to the general structure of the Clean Electricity Performance Program and some potential incentive misalignment issues along with recommendations for correcting them.


Columbia Energy Exchange

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Mary Powell
CEO of Sunrun

Host Bill Loveless digs into the hows of deploying solar widely and effectively with Mary Powell.

Jim Farley & Mary Nichols
Chief Executive Officer of Ford & Distinguished Visiting Fellow at CGEP

This live episode of the podcast, moderated by host Jason Bordoff, features two key figures in the clean transportation transition: Jim Farley and Mary Nichols.

Heather McTeer Toney
Climate Justice Liaison for the Environmental Defense Fund and Senior Advisor to Mom’s Clean Air Force

The Biden Administration has promised that 40% of its investments in clean energy will go into disadvantaged communities that experience the worst impacts of the changing climate. But as they work to make good on these promises, there are...