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A.J. Goulding, Mugwe Kiragu and David Nour Berro present a methodology to quantify potential permanent reductions in electricity demand triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic.

John Larsen, Noah Kaufman, Peter Marsters, Whitney Herndon, Hannah Kolus, and Ben King examine which policies are needed to complement an economy-wide carbon tax and further cut CO2 from the US energy system.

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On July 2, 2020, Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy (CGEP) and Harvard University jointly hosted a virtual roundtable on climate-oriented economic recovery and stimulus packages.


Columbia Energy Exchange

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Richard Trumka and Ernest Moniz

Building a low-carbon future will bring significant change to the U.S. economy, especially to employment as alternative forms of energy increasingly take hold. And to go smoothly, that transition will require sound public policy and public...

Cheryl LaFleur
Former Chairman, FERC & Distinguished Visiting Fellow, CGEP

Host Bill Loveless is joined by Cheryl LaFleur, a former chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and a Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Center on Global Energy Policy, for her take on the California's blackouts and what they mean for California's grid.

Charif Souki
Executive Chairman of the Board, Tellurian

Host Bill Loveless is joined by Charif Souki to get his take on the circumstances leading to the decline in LNG trade this year and the outlook for a recovery.