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What Success or Failure Would Look Like for the Price Cap on Russian Oil

A price cap on Russian crude oil in response to the country’s invasion and ongoing war in Ukraine will go into effect on December 5. The price cap is an effort to reduce Russia’s oil revenues while maintaining adequate supplies of crude on...

How the Price Cap on Russian Oil Will Work in Practice

After months of debate and preparation, the United States and other members of the G7 will impose a price cap on Russian crude oil on December 5. They plan to follow up with price caps on Russian oil products on February 5 of next year. The...

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from State-Owned Enterprises: A Preliminary Inventory

State-owned enterprises (SOEs) play a major role in the production of goods and services across many of the world’s largest economies, particularly in electricity generation, oil and gas, and heavy industry. This report provides an accounting of direct emissions associated with SOEs globally.


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Dr. Daniel Yergin
Vice Chairman, S&P Global

Winter is coming. The energy crisis that is afflicting Europe and other parts of the world is worsening as Russia weaponizes natural gas.

After Putin turned off supply...

The global oil market is in free fall, following the collapse of a meeting last week of OPEC and non-OPEC producers. Saudi Arabia decided to surge its output, sending oil prices tumbling. This historic oil price crash is weighing on stock markets...

Dr. Christof Rühl
Energy Expert and Economist

Global energy markets are in flux, from the rapid growth in renewable energy production and falling technology costs to talk of peak demand and calls for urgent action on climate change. At the same time, greenhouse gas emissions went up last...