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Dr. José Ignacio Hernández G.

In a new report, Dr. José Ignacio Hernández G. reviews the history of international sanctions in Latin America in the context of broader diplomatic developments.

Dr. Mauricio Cárdenas and Juan Lucas Restrepo

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the risks of unhealthy diets and the extreme fragility of the global food system. But the economic reconstruction that will follow the pandemic represents a perfect opportunity to provide better nutrition and health for all.

In a new op-ed for Americas Quarterly, Dr. Mauricio Cárdenas writes that centrist positions – both on the economy and on how to re-open – are needed now more than ever.


Columbia Energy Exchange

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Dr. Christof Rühl
Energy Expert and Economist

Global energy markets are in flux, from the rapid growth in renewable energy production and falling technology costs to talk of peak demand and calls for urgent action on climate change. At the same time, greenhouse gas emissions went up last...

Russell Gold
Senior Energy Reporter, The Wall Street Journal

A key initiative at the Center on Global Energy Policy is our Energy Journalism Initiative, which provides aspiring young reporters with a bootcamp to better understand the deeply complex issues of energy and the...

Spencer Dale
Chief Economist, BP

For the past 68 years, BP has published its Annual Statistical Review of World Energy, an impressive collection of global energy data that offers a retrospective view of what...