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Opportunities and Risks in Expanding US Gas and LNG Capacity

This commentary represents the research and views of the author. It does not necessarily represent the views of the Center on Global Energy Policy. The piece may be subject to further revision. Contributions to SIPA for the benefit of CGEP...

Can North America Transform from a Conventional Automaking Hub to an EV Powerhouse?

This commentary begins with a look at the state of EV demand, including overall costs, and then turns to the diverse policy routes taken across North America to boost uptake in support of decarbonization targets.

Q&A | Decoding OPEC+’s lower production increase for September

In this Q&A, senior research scholar Dr. Kaushik Deb and adjunct research scholar Abhiram Rajendran discuss questions the announcement raises regarding spare production capacity among OPEC+ members and the possibility of demand falling amid macroeconomic headwind.


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Catherine McKenna

How can the US and Canada cooperate to meet international and domestic climate targets? 

To try and answer that question, host Jason Bordoff spoke with Catherine...

Sophie Brochu
President and CEO of Hydro‑Québec

Hydropower is one of our oldest sources of renewable energy. In 2018, hydropower made up nearly 60% of Canada’s electricity generation. In provinces like Quebec and Manitoba, hydropower makes up well over 90% of the provincial electricity supply...

Dr. Christof Rühl
Energy Expert and Economist

Global energy markets are in flux, from the rapid growth in renewable energy production and falling technology costs to talk of peak demand and calls for urgent action on climate change. At the same time, greenhouse gas emissions went up last...