October 11, 2021

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Please join the Center on Global Energy Policy for a student-...

Columbia Energy Exchange Podcast

Host Bill Loveless digs into the hows of deploying solar widely and effectively with Mary Powell.

Methane Emission Controls: Redesigning EPA Regulations for Greater Efficacy

This commentary examines the potential to reduce emissions of methane from oil and natural gas infrastructure. It begins with a brief history of natural gas regulations and the effectiveness of rulemaking, before exploring unregulated and underregulated sources of methane.

October 12, 2021

Join the Center on Global Energy Policy for the Columbia Energy Technology Revolution Forum, a new webinar series hosted by Paul Dabbar, CGEP Distinguished Visiting Fellow and former Under Secretary for Science at the U.S....

Microsoft’s million-tonne CO2-removal purchase — lessons for net zero

Lucas Joppa, Amy Luers, Elizabeth Willmott, Julio Friedmann, Steven P. Hamburg & Rafael Broze comment in Nature on the lessons for net zero from Microsoft’s million-tonne CO2-removal purchase.

Columbia Energy Exchange Podcast

This live episode of the podcast, moderated by host Jason Bordoff, features two key figures in the clean transportation transition: Jim Farley and Mary Nichols.

Why This Energy Crisis Is Different

Jason Bordoff examines the causes and consequences of the current energy crisis developing in Europe and Asia. 

September 23, 2021

As the world faces the daunting challenge of limiting global warming, Latin America is...

Green Giants? China’s National Oil Companies Prepare for the Energy Transition

This report, part of the China Energy and Climate Program at Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy, provides a baseline for understanding how China’s NOCs are responding to climate change.

Columbia Energy Exchange Podcast

Currently, high gas prices are rippling throughout much of Europe and Asia. The spike has driven up the price of coal too and sent electricity prices for businesses and homeowners to record highs.