Columbia Energy Exchange Podcast

Host Bill Loveless speaks with Jay Hakes, the author of the new book “Energy Crises: Nixon, Ford and Carter, and Hard Choices in the 1970s.”

Columbia Energy Exchange Podcast

Host Bill Loveless reaches out to Arati Prabhakar, who was the head of the Defense Research Projects Agency at the U.S. Department of Defense, better known as DARPA, during the Obama administration and director of the National Institute of Standards and Technology under President Bill Clinton.

The Role of Corporate Renewable Power Purchase Agreements in Supporting US Wind and Solar Deployment

In a new student-led report, James Kobus, Ali Ibrahim Nasrallah, and Jim Guidera explore the drivers influencing the renewables PPA market and assess whether these procurement initiatives by nonutility corporations are likely to continue growing in the United States at a rapid enough pace to support power sector deep decarbonization goals.

The Time for a Green Industrial Policy Is Now

In a new essay in Foreign Policy, Jason Bordoff argues the Biden administration can restore U.S. leadership by building the clean energy economy.

The Social Aspects of ESG Investing: Insights on Diversity in Energy Finance

A new commentary from CGEP's Women in Energy program discusses the approaches ESG-oriented institutional investors and engaged impact investors are taking to make apparent the gender and broader diversity standards that companies, including energy companies, will need to meet to maintain access to their capital.


In a new article published in Joule, Zhiyuan Fan and Dr. Julio Friedmann review current global iron and steel production and assess available decarbonization technologies.