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Mikaela McQuade

Chief of Staff and Strategic Advisor to the Founding Director


Mikaela McQuade is Chief of Staff and Strategic Advisor to the Founding Director of the Center on Global Energy Policy and Co-Founding Dean of the Columbia Climate School, Jason Bordoff. She previously served as a Director for the Energy, Climate & Resources team within Eurasia Group, a top political risk management firm. In this role she provided analytical expertise and strategic insight on the geopolitical, investment, policy, regulatory, and country risk dimensions of global energy markets, commodity development and trade patterns, climate change, and key sustainability factors. Mikaela specializes in the policy and geopolitical issues shaping extractive industries, renewable energy development, climate policy, sustainable finance, and the energy transition. Prior to joining Eurasia Group, Mikaela was a senior policy advisor to the Canadian Minister of Environment and Climate Change and to the Minister of Natural Resources. In these roles, she focused on advancing the government’s plan for a clean environment and sustainable economy. More broadly, she was responsible for strategic support and legislative and regulatory development on issues such as carbon pricing, major project environmental assessments, industrial development, climate policy, sustainable finance, and Indigenous rights. Prior to her time in government, Mikaela held positions in the Canadian oil and gas sector, working on key public policy and investment issues. Mikaela earned a Master of Public Policy in energy and environment from the University of Calgary and graduated magna cum laude from the University of Ottawa with an Honors Bachelor’s in International Development and Globalization. She is grateful to have been a fellow of the Atlantic Council’s Women Leaders in Energy Fellowship. A proud Canadian, Mikaela lives in Washington, DC with her partner and son.

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