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Columbia Energy Exchange
Somini Sengupta
Reporter, The New York Times

This episode originally aired on October 20th, 2020.

From California wildfires and Gulf Coast hurricanes to flooding in China and Pakistan, the impacts of...

Dr. Kate Marvel
Climate Scientist

Host Bill Loveless interviews Climate Scientist Dr. Kate Marvel for her interpretation of the UN Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change climate science report's conclusions.

Heather McTeer Toney
Climate Justice Liaison for the Environmental Defense Fund and Senior Advisor to Mom’s Clean Air Force

The Biden Administration has promised that 40% of its investments in clean energy will go into disadvantaged communities that experience the worst impacts of the changing climate. But as they work to make good on these promises, there are...

Mindy Lubber
President and CEO of CERES

Fossil fuel companies are under pressure from shareholders, citizens and the courts to shift their business models to reduce emissions or face huge financial consequences. There are now more than 1,500 large corporations with net-zero...

Cate Hight
Principal at RMI

In late June, Congress voted to undo former President Trump's rollback of methane regulations that were put in place during the Obama Era. 

The move was a major...

Maria Jelescu & Jully Meriño Carela
CEO of Ardinall Investment Management & Director of CGEP's Women in Energy Initiative

Host Bill Loveless is joined by Maria Jelescu, the CEO of Ardinall Investment Management, and Jully Meriño Carela, the director of the Women in Energy (WIE) initiative at CGEP.


Ms. Ogunbiyi will help CGEP work towards a just energy transition that considers the realities of both developing and developed economies


The Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University SIPA announced today that Dr. James Glynn, Luisa Palacios, and Dr. Harry Verhoeven have joined the Center as Senior Research Scholars. At CGEP, they will conduct research, collaborate with the strong community of scholars at the Center as well as across the University, including the newly formed Climate School, and engage with public and private sector leaders, journalists, students and other key stakeholders.


At the Center, Nichols will advance smart, actionable and evidence-based energy and climate solutions through research, education and dialogue.


WASHINGTON DC, Apr 8 2021 (IPS) - As the world looks to address issues of gender equity, development and climate change, the importance of increasing the participation of women in the energy sector is gaining attention. To date, this topic has...


A new commentary from CGEP's Women in Energy program discusses the approaches ESG-oriented institutional investors and engaged impact investors are taking to make apparent the gender and broader diversity standards that companies, including energy companies, will need to meet to maintain access to their capital.

Amy Jaffe, Maria Jelescu Dreyfus and Jully Meriño Carela

The Women in Energy program at CGEP convened a workshop to discuss the role of the board of directors and how a diverse composition affects board deliberations and effectiveness.