Internet of Things (IoT) is increasingly important in the energy sector. It enables utilities to monitor customers' energy usage in real time, solar panel manufactures to remotely troubleshoot product failures, and consumers to save energy with smart home devices.

The Women in Energy program hosted a timely hands-on workshop on creative problem solving using IoT technology. Attendees designed and prototyped an IoT system or product using sensors and Temboo's Kosmos IoT software platform. Attendees walked away with an understanding of how IoT will impact their current/future businesses, strategies for thinking creatively about solving real-world problems using technology, and the ability to build connected sensor applications (see example).

This workshop was led by engineers from Temboo, and co-sponsored by Nordic Semiconductor. No engineering or computer science background was needed to participate. 

Several attendess received hardware from Nordic Semiconductor to continue developing their ideas from the workshop. 

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