Columbia Energy Straight Talk is a new discussion series hosted by David Hill, CGEP Adjunct Senior Research Scholar, and Cheryl LaFleur, CGEP Distinguished Visiting Fellow. The series focuses on frank, practical, bipartisan discussions on how to make change happen in the energy world. The hosts bring decades of energy experience in the public and private sectors, including David's service as General Counsel of the U.S. Department of Energy and Cheryl's as Commissioner and Chairman at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Each episode focuses on a different topic related to energy and climate change, and includes a special guest. In the premier episode, Cheryl and David hosted Betsy Moler, former FERC Chairman and Deputy Secretary of Energy, who led or was involved in every major change in the electricity and natural gas worlds for several decades--including some that were transformative and others that did not move forward. The discussion focused on what makes policy change successful, and what we can learn from past successes and failures to advance today's efforts on energy and climate change.